Top Ten Reasons To Come
1 You will be accepted “as is”
2 You will be treated with respect
3 You will hear the truth in love
4 You will build meaningful relationships
5 You will be encouraged to walk with God
6 You will be Challenged to make a difference in this world
7 You will have fun
8 We will be relevant
9 We will not bore you
10 We will challenge you to do something great with your life

It is our desire that you (the teens) discover, understand and get to know his awesome powers. It all begins at 9:30 AM every Sunday morning and Friday nights at 7:00 PM at church

We begin with a time to casual conversation between teachers and students which lends itself to building relational ties. We strongly believe that relationships are very important in the process of discipline. Our Jr High class starts of the class with a prayer, then the band leads us in worship. After worship the students go to class to study the Bible. Our goal is that students get to know the Bible and God.

Annual Activities
1 Beach Bonfire
2 Hiking
3 Sleep Overs At Church
4 Visit Ararat Home
5 Church Conference
6 Camping
8 Indoor Rock Climbing
9 I Wish It Was Christmas Party
10 Volley Ball Night
11 Many Field Trips